Costume Design

In 2018 I designed the Santa and elf costumes for the Space Needle to go along with the renovation. This picture is of Santa and I on the roof of the Space Needle on Black Friday. I made the costumes in a teal and silver color scheme to tell the story of a “Puget Sound Santa” atop of the Space Needle, since snowy Mt. Rainier, the Olympics and the Puget Sound is all visible from the observation deck. I worked with a local costumer to get the outfits sewn, and took many trips to Pacific Fabrics to collect samples. It was a blast, and even more rewarding to see so many families getting their holiday pictures taken with him.


The picture above was shared with me from a guest visiting the Space Needle (who gave me permission of course to share this photo) of her baby with Santa. She has gotten matching outfits for her baby, Maddie for two years in a row. It was and is still the best compliment I could ask for.


This photo above shows Santa and the elves from 2018 on the Loupe, the world’s first rotating glass floor at the Space Needle.

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